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Updated: Feb 17, 2023

Let's talk about EXCESS.

The holiday season is one of excess - excess presents, excess treats, excess laziness and booze - excess parties and decadent goodies… If you are like me, you have been indulging and enjoying every minute of it.

The No Excess Challenge is a challenge to get you to focus on what you REALLY need in 2023. And to help you eliminate the excess, and make ROOM for all the amazing things you hope 2023 will bring you.

Only YOU can determine what should be included in your NO EXCESS CHALLENGE - but there are TWO MAIN categories.

  1. No excess SHOPPING - yes, that means amazon! Amazon is my kryptonite. They make it SO EASY. That one click to buy - and BAM its at your door. Of course I want and need everything. Yeah yeah, we all know that is NOT true! The No Excess Challenge means you buy only what you NEED- what are necessities - food, kid supplies, etc. BUT NO EXTRA SHOPPING.

  2. It also entails making space for what you want in 2023, and giving the rest the boot! Your physical space is so important to your mental clarity. Each day, you are challenged to clean out one space in your life. This could be a closet, a room, a drawer, or even a file folder! It doesn’t have to be BIG - it can be small! But make space for what you need, and get rid of the rest.

The No Excess Challenge is also about YOU - it's PERSONAL. What do you KNOW that you need to cut out the “excess” from? Is it social media time? Is it TV at night? Maybe it's alcohol, sweets, or caffeine.

The choice is yours - but I challenge YOU to participate FULLY in this challenge! Make space for your goals. Make space for clarity. Make space for the dreams you want to accomplish. You can’t do that with a cluttered mind and life! This is the perfect opportunity for you to examine those excessive spending habits, and reevaluate your relationship with AMAZON. God knows I need to.

So - you have the two pieces of the challenge

The first piece - no excess shopping has some amazing benefits -

  • Saving money!

  • Help you examine what you really need or do you just want it!

  • Bring you more in touch with how much you are spending -

    • EEEK one thing I have YET to do, and quite honestly, am refusing to do - is look at my 2022 annual amazon spend.

  • It will require you to use up some of your “secondary” items that are in your house, like soaps, candles, face products, etc.

But the second piece- the DE CLUTTERING is HUGE

When you declutter, you are taking control over an aspect of your life that gives you a sense of ownership. You are taking control of your space, instead of letting your space control you! When you declutter, you are creating this feeling of achievement! So far, I have focused on my closet space, areas in my kitchen, and holiday decorations- but the act of simply organizing, decluttering, and creating space gives me this feeling of achievement!

Decluttering also helps to reduce anxiety, end an era of procrastination, and even a release from your past. There are THINGS that we are holding on to, both mentally and physically that we no longer NEED to hold space for.

As you go through the different spaces in your house and home, you may find yourself emotionally attached to THINGS you don’t need to be anymore. Allow yourself that chance to grieve if you need to. This is a chance to physically remove something, that may be EMOTIONALLY holding you back from your goals this year. This process can be emotionally draining - because you are ridding yourself of both a physical object, and often a stale, toxic, or sad energy from your past that you have been holding on to. My best advice to you is to allow yourself to feel the feelings - sit through them. By physically removing these objects, you are making room for these emotions to come out, and for you to sift through them. Just let it happen.

My BIGGEST reason for this challenge is that it creates space for new things. Without the clutter around me, and in my life, I now have this CHOICE of what I want to shift my energy to - WHERE I want to focus my goals. I’m not defined by the past or past objects. I’m excited because it helps me focus on my purpose. There is LESS to hold me back, and there is space, and there is the freedom to invite in the things that truly matter to you.

And I’ve got GREAT news. I created a FREE tracker and an accountability group! All you have to do is join the “From Now to NEXT TRIBE - a Facebook group” and join in! We have 150+ people already joined and participating

Don’t worry if you didn’t start on the 1st! Just start today! Start now! You don’t need ANYTHING to get started - literally NOTHING. So, hop on over to the Facebook group. Now, I gotta tell ya, it is a women-only group by design, so if you are a man, or if you want to participate, let me know. I’ll send you the template - but by design, this is a space held for women and I’m keeping it that way!

SO! If this SPEAKS to you - if you are interested in the NO EXCESS CHALLENGE- JOIN ME and 150 of my closest friends in the Facebook group!

See you there!


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