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The #1 Secret to Playing Bigger In Your Life!

Are you dog-gone tired? Feeling crushed under the relentless pressure of your ever-expanding to-do list? If this sounds familiar, you're not alone. Today, I'm diving into the world of unrealistic expectations and the relentless pursuit of "having it all." Welcome to the Glass Ceiling and Sticky Floor Podcast, where we shatter limiting beliefs and explore infinite possibilities. I'm your host, Erica Rooney, and I'm passionate about empowering women to ascend to and sustain positions of power.

The Trap of "All The Things"

Many of us are caught in the whirlwind of daily responsibilities—juggling roles as a spouse, parent, professional, and more—often with little time left for ourselves. This overwhelming pursuit can leave us feeling like we're failing at the game of life. But what if I told you there's a way out of this exhausting cycle?

A Personal Awakening

My turning point came when I was suffocating under the weight of what I believed was necessary to "have it all." I realized I was chasing an unrealistic dream that wasn't even mine! It was a fabricated, shiny picture of perfection spoon-fed by society and polished by the glare of social media.

Redefining Success on Your Own Terms

It's time to redefine what success means to you. Success doesn't have to be about ticking every box or meeting societal expectations. It's about aligning your life with your core values and finding joy and satisfaction in what truly matters to you.

A Pivotal Moment of Realization

Imagine this: a room beautifully decorated for my daughter's fourth birthday, complete with a massive unicorn balloon. Yet, when that balloon popped, it felt like my perfect vision for the party burst along with it. In a frantic dash to replace it, I robbed myself of the joy that day was meant to bring. Looking back, I realize that no one else's enjoyment hinged on that balloon—only my perception of success did.

The Power of Core Values

To start living a life aligned with what's genuinely important, I encourage you to define your core values. On my website, I offer a Core Values Worksheet to help you identify and define the principles that truly guide your life. This isn't about adhering to external expectations but about defining what feels right for you.

Living and Breathing Your Values

What does it mean to live according to your core values? For me, it means prioritizing growth, health, and courage. If I've done something to expand my mind, care for my body, or step out of my comfort zone, I count that day as a success. This personal definition guides every decision I make, from career moves to personal relationships.

Letting Go of the "Shoulds"

The imposed values—the "shoulds" that we often conform to—can lead us astray from our paths. It's essential to evaluate these and consider whether they align with your true desires or are merely obligations imposed by others.

The Invitation

I invite you to visit my website and download the Core Values Worksheet. Begin the journey of crossing off what doesn't resonate, highlighting what does, and narrowing down to your top core values. This exercise is a powerful step toward living a life that's not only successful by your own standards but also deeply fulfilling.

If you're ready to stop chasing someone else's definition of success and start living a life aligned with your true self, redefine what "having it all" means to you. When you align your actions with your core values, you step into a world of possibilities where you can indeed have it all—on your terms. Remember, it's never too late to change course and live the dream life you envision.

Remember, the power to redefine your life and break free from limitations is in your hands - and you have the power to start right now!!!

What are you waiting for?

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