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Stressed Woman


Stuck? Exhausted? Burnt Out? STUCK?

I know what that feels like.  And I also know, you don’t have to feel that way anymore. While you can’t control everything - you can control this.

Limiting Beliefs

  • Do you question how you got to where you are today or where you should be going?

  • Do you find yourself “failing to launch” because you are worried about what others will think of you?

  • Do you feel like you have to do everything to the 100th degree to be the best?  The best Mom, the best Wife, the best colleague… and you are running ragged?

  • Are you numbing your anxiety with wine, and it’s keeping you from being the best version of yourself?

These limiting beliefs and toxic behaviors can keep you from living a life that is filled with purpose, passion, and peace.

Woman listening to her phone at a coffee shop


Friendly Business Team

Is your organization stuck in a cycle of negativity, toxicity, and mistrust?


Do you have a mission and vision statement, maybe even paired with core values that don’t resonate with your employee population?  Do those core values not show up in the daily actions of your leaders and your people?


Do you experience high turn-over, absenteeism, crippling productivity?


It may be time to bring in Erica- the Culture Expert.

Sticky Floors

Organizations often find themselves stuck in their own sticky floors.  Those sticky floors can look like:


  • Toxic Behavior in managers and different levels of leadership

  • Reactive actions instead of proactive behaviors

  • Actions that do not align with the mission and vision of the organization.

Working in Office

Culture is not a “one-size fits all” and there can be no prescriptive plan (don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!).  Each organization must be handled in a unique and distinctive way.  What has worked for one, will not work for another.

Highly passionate about the Employee Experience, I will partner with executives and leaders to make impactful and intentional changes in the culture with a strong focus on the individual organization's desired culture.

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