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It's me!

Keynote Speaker, Executive Coach & Consultant, Chief People Officer,  wife, mom, entrepreneur, and fitness fanatic.

I am on a mission to help anyone I meet, break out of their sticky floors (those limiting beliefs and toxic behaviors) - to bust through the glass ceiling.


I'm a ceiling breaker - and while navigating marriage, motherhood, and the monumental stress that comes with it all, I found my “need for perfect” was causing my failure to launch, my fear of what others thought of me was causing a failure to thrive, and my tactic of quieting my anxiety with wine was keeping me from igniting my passion.  


Creator and host of the podcast "From Now to Next", I explore limiting beliefs that keep you trapped in your own "sticky floors", help others redefine success, and chase after big and bold dreams.


As a top Culture Expert, my passion is engagement and belonging - which are NOT the same things.  I challenge organizations to look at how they interact and engage with their employees in partnership with their DEIB efforts, to see where they might be missing the mark - to help create true belonging.


Founder and CEO of ERA Advisors, I am now sharing the valuable lessons I learned and practical strategies I created to enable individuals and organizations to become "unstuck" and inspire unimaginable breakthroughs.


I'm so glad you are here!


Courtney Jonas-Buros

Erica empowered me to go for an opportunity I thought was way out of my reach. She prepared me for every step of the interview process and salary negotiation. Erica gave me the confidence and language I needed to land the biggest role of my career. I'm grateful to her and would recommend her to anyone who is ready to take their career to the next level or beyond!

Leigh Wallace Dodd

Erica presented to our Women in Business group on the topic of Imposter Syndrome and had a profound impact on each person on the call. Her interactive style of presentation kept the audience engaged throughout the conversation, which led to a comfort level among the group for open, authentic dialogue. Our conversation began with identifying what imposter syndrome is, how it shows up in each of us, and ended with what we can do about it...both for ourselves and for one another. Every woman on the call left with a feeling of being able to truly create their future. 

Janelle Peterson

Erica came along at the perfect time.  I had been toying with the idea of getting a Coach, but didn't feel deserving of one.  Erica's energy resonated with me through the laptop screen!  Her philosophy on sticky floors was spot on for me.  She is a great confidante and mentor.  She challenged some of my limiting thoughts and provided tactical suggestions for better results in my work life.  I can't recommend her enough.

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