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22 Things I learned (or was reminded of) in 2022!

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

  1. Change is always possible.

  2. Women don't ask for what they deserve more than we think.

  3. Community is one of the biggest blessings you can cultivate.

  4. Where the mind goes, your energy flows.

  5. Your mind is your biggest roadblock.

  6. People really don't think about you, as much as you think they do - so stop worrying about what other people think!

  7. White noise at night is amazing!

  8. Goals that require perfection (such as a perfect workout streak or diet) are not worth your time or energy. Progress over perfection.

  9. Perfection is impossible - and will only bring you down.

  10. Friendships come and go, but those rocks always remain - even if you don't talk to them or see them all the time.

  11. It is important to take a break and see the world through your children's eyes. The magic is real.

  12. Take a calculated risk. Always.

  13. Remember - it is about the journey. Not the end game. (We are all ending in the same place after all!)

  14. People will forget what was said, but not how you make them feel. Your interactions matter.

  15. Tacos always make it better.

  16. Alcohol does not.

  17. A long, hot bath and a good book can turn any day around.

  18. A ring light makes all the difference.

  19. Grief is when love has no place to go.

  20. Move your body. Regularly. Trust me on this one.

  21. Your dreams aren't big enough yet. Dream Bigger.

  22. You are capable of so much more than you realize.


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