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Do Not Self-Reject

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

More often than not, we halt our own progress, growth, and transformations.

We have that dream - that idea- but we self-reject and stop the growth before it even starts.

We think "I don't know how to do that." or "I could never...." or "What will everyone else think of me?"

Or the biggest one.... "What if I fail? What then?"

And I'm here to tell you now to STOP SELF-REJECTING.

You are smarter than you know, more capable than you realize, and can do anything you want to if you set your mind to it. That is nothing you haven't heard before, but its worth repeating.

If you find yourself self-rejecting, follow these tips below to get your mindset right.

1) Ask yourself "Why do I think I am not capable of this?" Write these ideas down, and go through each one. Write down why you ARE capable. For example if you are thinking "I have no idea how to make a website. So I can't move forward with it." Think about what you need to do to get past that barrier. Can you learn how to do it? Can you out source it? Do you know someone who can teach you? Once you have solved the problem, move forward with the solution.

2) Phone a friend! (Or your mentor!). Would you ever tell a friend they can't achieve a dream? NO! You would be there to support, and lift them up! If you find yourself struggling to believe in yourself, call that person to remind you what a bad-ass you are. When you struggle to believe in yourself, find that person that believes in you and lean on them.

3) ACT. The best way to fight self-rejection is to DO SOMETHING. Anything! With each step forward we fight that feeling of not being capable of doing - and we just DO! The more steps you take, the more confident you get.

Don't stop yourself before you even get started. Combat self-rejection and start with action. You are capable. You are worthy. And you are a bad-ass.

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