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Glass Ceilings & Sticky Floors

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

I am so excited to share with you all my FIRST EVERY REAL #PODCAST. This has been one learning moment after another - but I am thrilled to put aside my own "sticky floor" of #perfectionism and do the damn thing anyways!

My first #podcast sets the stage for what this entire movement is about - sharing the stories and the statistics about women encountering sticky floors in their lives, cleaning them up - and doing the damn thing.

So what is this “sticky floor?” Its perfectionism. It is #imposter #syndrome. It is #systemic issues such as #racism, #sexism, and #ageism. It is feeling like whatever you do, it's not going to be good enough. You aren’t pretty enough, smart enough, or qualified enough. It's drinking too much wine to dull the edges of a hard day. It's #depression. It's #anxiety. It's working like you don’t have #kids, and #parenting like you don’t have a job. It is feeling tethered by responsibilities and financial constraints. It is a paralyzing sense of overwhelm and #burnout.

These are the sticky floors that are holding women back from breaking through the glass ceilings of their life. And I don’t want you to think of a glass ceiling as just corporate lingo that gets you to the #C-Suite. I want you to think of it as freedom. Breaking through that barrier that keeps you from living a joyful, successful, and fulfilling life- whatever that is for you.

Maybe it is being the badass boss of a Fortune 500 company – or maybe it's running your own yoga studio in a quiet small town. Maybe it's living out of an RV and traveling the world with your children. Maybe it's starting your own business – your crystal clear blue skies are where your dreams are endless, and success is limitless- but it's whatever dreams and success look like to YOU.

So – what is your sticky floor? That sticky stanky sludge that keeps you #STUCK?

For me- it's been a lot of things – and at different times throughout my life. I have experienced high-functioning anxiety, too much wine – definitely – Imposter syndrome - and the struggle of being a badass in the board room to being the kind of mom that I want to be all at the same time! To a combination of all this!

What has helped me, is knowing I'm not alone. So let's start with some stats:

  • A KPMG study showed that 75% of female #executives report having personally experienced imposter syndrome at certain points in their career – with most survey respondents (85%) believing that this is commonly experienced by women in corporate America (and if I were surveyed, its what I would say!)

  • Nearly half – 47% of executive women say that their feelings of IS result from never expecting to reach the level of success they have achieved.

When you look at #alcohol use and women - studies show

  • Countless women have used alcohol as a form of stress relief – saying it “takes the edge off”, makes it easier to deal with their children, or numbs out the stress of the day– AND the Organization of Economic Co-operation and development suggest that the more successful you are, the more you drink – and while historically, men drink more, the number of women who experience Alcohol Use Disorder, or problematic drinking are on the rise, and are converging with the rates of men. This overuse and abuse of alcohol is so prevalent in our culture – in both corporate America, and Mommy Circles- that it's creeping in, and keeping us from being our best selves.

  • And let's not forget about Anxiety and Depression – Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the US – affecting 40 million adults over the age of 18.

The point is not to depress you further or make you feel hopeless. It is just that oftentimes, it's not the glass ceiling that is preventing us from our greatest potential- but it's our own sticky floor.

The point of this PODCAST is to show you that there are women out there who have figured out how to get UNSTUCK from these sticky floors –There are women out there who have found the solvent to dissolve the gunk –

In future episodes we'll talk with other women who have gone through the gunk - and have come out the other side- we'll talk about the struggles and setbacks, but also - what got them through. And in my shorter - minisodes that I call "Stepping Stones" will get to the facts and the science about these sticky floors.

We’ll talk about how you can develop effective strategies to move through barriers and develop resilience – we’ll explore how you can cultivate the courage to let go of the things that are holding you back – and we’ll discover how you can develop tactical tools and daily practices to incorporate into your life that will help you go farther than you could have imagined.

Because on the other side of the glass ceiling that you are staring at - is all the things you have ever wanted- it’s choosing to live a life with no limits.


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