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Hey Ya'll! I'm Erica Rooney.

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

#Chief #People #Officer, C-Suite Whisperer, #Executive #Coach & #Consultant, #Wife, #Mom, and #Fitness Fanatic!

I have always had a passion for #people, making meaningful #connections, challenges, and change. That is probably why I found myself as a Personal Trainer (with a little luck, and a lot of hustle) when I was in college at the #University of #Florida. When asked why I do what I do - it's because I love helping people.

I took that passion and turned it corporate, but landing a super fun gig as a "Health & Wellness Coach" with Verizon (and NO I don't know a thing about how to fix your phone if it's broken.). I absolutely loved what I was doing! Helping people reach feel better, get stronger, and exude a level of confidence that only comes with doing hard things.

That only scratched my itch for growth for 8 years, which is why I transitioned from fitness and wellness into #Human #Resources. I could still help people, but this time, it was in their life and career. I helped people navigate career ladders & FMLA, sticky employee relations issues, and promotions, learning new skills, and mergers & acquisitions.

Being a "helper" is the core of why I do what I do. It fills me up and ignites my passion.

And now?

I help navigate people through the sticky floors that hold them back from busting through the #glass ceiling. These #sticky floors can be #limiting #beliefs such as #imposter syndrome, #perfectionism, toxic behaviors or relationships, and mental health issues. I share the stories of other women who have overcome their "sticky floor moment" to scale the ladder of success (whatever that looks like to them!) to be the best version of themselves - one that is filled with passion, peace, and purpose.

I'm also a wife and a mom to two littles (7-year-old Hudson, and 3-year-old Halle), a fitness fanatic, peloton lover, and wanna-be-chef! I find balance (most days!), try to read a TON of books, and love to travel. And soon, I'll have a new addition (Kit-Kat, our #Bernadoodle Dog) and I share it all with you here!

I get asked all the time - why do I do ALLLLLL the things (the blog, the podcast, the emails, etc.) when I'm already a successful C-Suite Exec?

It is because I am a helper - and I want to help you and serve you in whatever way possible


Thanks for being here!

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