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How I Do (Or DON'T DO) it all - Holiday Edition!

This seems to be the BUSIEST time of the year, and for me, it's the time that goes the fastest If you are feeling stressed, and short on time, you are NOT alone! Today, I'm going to let you in on a little secret. SHHHHH!

I don't do it all! Not today, not tomorrow, and not during the holidays!

We are getting down to the WIRE with only a few days left in 2022. That means the DAYS, the HOURS, and the MINUTES are all dwindling away! I don't know about you, but I have a lot to do before NOW and when that ball drops to ring in 2023.

On top of the regular "busyness" that is this season of motherhood and executive life, all the holiday "extras" and expectations exist.

Gift Shopping.

Gift Shipping.

Gift Wrapping.

Holiday parties.

Making the food for holiday parties.

Matching outfits for holiday pictures.

Planning the meals.

Going to all the kid events like the classroom plays, recitals concerts.

Gifts for the teachers.

Gifts for your neighbors.

Gifts for your friends.

Gifts for your in-laws.


Oh- and that RIDICULOUS ELF! (Ours is named SNACKS by the way.)

If you check out Episode 39 of my Podcast, From Now to Next, you'll hear "How I do it all." Spoiler Alert: I DO NOT DO IT ALL. Nope. Not at all.

Let's bring that back for the holiday season:

How I DON'T do it all: Holiday Edition:

  1. I don't do teacher gifts. I realize I will get a lot of hate on this one, but it's just not in my bandwidth. I'll get them a nice gift at the end of the year when my days are not so busy.

  2. I don't make food for holiday parties! Sign me up for the paper products.

  3. I don't do holiday cards. Sorry, not sorry. I get no joy from making a card, ordering the cards, addressing them, and stamping them. So - this is off my plate.

  4. I don't do adult gifts. Kid gifts all the way!

  5. I don't put things off. As soon as I get that kid's secret Santa card for school, I buy the gift. I do the thing RIGHT AWAY. Otherwise, I'm bound to forget. Insure anxiety hits at 2 am the morning before I'm supposed to send the present to the school.

What I make sure to do:

  1. I put quality over quantity. I make the time for the traditions - but only the ones that bring my kids, and myself joy.

  2. I make time for ME! I take walks. I read the books. I must fill my cup before I fill others, so I ensure I have that time carved out.

  3. I focus on progress, not perfection. It isn't about a perfect workout streak. It is about slowing down this time of year. Enjoying the moments, and the cookies. :)

  4. I do set an ELF MOVE Reminder - (I forgive myself when I forget- because I always do!). Make sure you have a good excuse WHY when you do though!

I hope this is helpful! To all my working parents juggling holidays, work, trips, and MORE - you got this!


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