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Approaching a Milestone Birthday?

February 20th was my 39th birthday!

DANG I am getting some years under my belt!  How privileged am I?

With 40 rapidly approaching, I thought I might feel a certain way - thats a big milestone! 

But so far - I’m just really excited about life, and the way everything is unfolding! 

I’ve heard so many amazing things about getting older - mainly that you really stop caring what other people think, and you focus inward on the things that matter to you.  And while I’d like to say “That’s me!!!” Caring about what people think has always been a sticky floor of mine. 

What can I say, I’m a work in progress! 

Today I want to share with you what you can do to feel AH-MAY-ZING at 39, 49, 59 and BEYOND! 

And if you are on the other side of that age demographic - trust me - you want to read on as well, because the earlier you can learn this stuff - the better.

I was just talking with my wonderful, sweet mother in law, Joanna, and she told me that she looks at me and all that I am doing, and she wishes that she had the confidence and the gumption that I do at my age - that  she’s in her 70's and STILL learning.

Well guess what - we are ALL learning - and with each generation that comes up, my HOPE is that we are helping to pave the way for everyone coming up behind us so that it IS easier, so that we CAN learn faster, and so that we can THRIVE.

I am a big believer in reflection.  In looking back to see how far we have come. 

Because, I believe and I have seen first hand, how easy it is to look ahead at the ever moving goal post, and feeling like “ugh - I still have SO FAR TO GO!”

I want to share this one example that is near and dear to my heart.

 Do you know what year a woman in the UNITED STATES could get a mortgage? 


Now, while women had “fair access” to rental and ownership - they couldn’t apply for loans or CREDIT - and how many people in your life do you know that could outright buy a home - all cash?  NOT MANY MY FRIEND! 

I share this because if I am married to a man that was born BEFORE women could get access to credit to buy a home - and here I am, a ceiling breaker, a woman, and someone who has bought her own home  - damn ya’ll.  LOOK HOW FAR WE HAVE COME.

Do we still have far to go?  Absolutely - but look how far we have come! 

Reflection complete - time to share ALL I have learned! 

First, I have put more care into my mental health than ever before. Previous years, I was ALL IN on my job- but I have really learned that even if my email box is not at zero, I’m still doing a damn good job, the company still runs, and I am not burnt out! 

The challenge has always been to disconnect - to truly unplug and walk away -  and the ONE thing that has really helped me slow my brain down when its spiraling on all the things I have yet to do - is simply make a list.

When I organize my thoughts onto one sticky note - it opens up a space that allows me to breath. 

The SECOND thing is the reminder that you have to slow down, to speed up.

If you are trying to spin 10 plates at once 24/7, it's inevitable that they WILL crash down - you might be able to sustain it for a short period of time - but that is not a long term game plan.  One minor inconvenience like a sick kid, or a work emergency throws you off balance, and the plates all crash and shatter.

So I ask you… what plate can you put down today?  Even if just for a little bit?

So the message here is - show up where you need to show up.  Show up where you are filled with energy and JOY.  Do not show up just because you THINK you should show up. 

The third thing that really popped out at me from this past year is learning to celebrate the small things - the big things too - but definitely the small things.

It is SO easy to get caught up in all we have to do - and as high achieving ambitious women, it is SO easy to just check off the accomplishments and brush past them like “it aint no thang” but GIRL - IT IS A BIG DEAL. 

I want to invite MORE of this into my 39th year, and I want to find something to celebrate every day - it can be as big as a book launch or getting a promotion, or as small as actually getting in a workout today and 8 hours of sleep - 

What I have found is that the celebrations bring more joy - they bring more peace - and more happiness - really they do - so, by way of  inviting more celebrations into MY life, I’d love to celebrate YOURS too - share your wins with me!  They remind me that as these all powerful women that we CAN do ALL things we want - and it also reminds me how far we have come too - back my point about the mortgages - we MUST celebrate every day - ya’ll, life is too short. 

So… will you celebrate with me?

And before I close out - I do want to share what I want to keep working on, and what I want to invite into my life! 

They big goal is my book!  Ya’ll know that is going to be SUCH a celebration and milestone - and that will be OCTOBER ish - Mel Robbins is endorsing my book, and her quote will be on the cover!!!!  I am VERY excited about that.

Next up - I want to get very clear about what I what difference I want to make in the world and how I am going to do that.  There are some things I am holding close to the vest that I’m not 100% ready to share with the world yet, but as I work through them - I promise, I WILL share them with you - but it really centers on clarity of how I want to feel - and clarity of what brings me joy - and clarity of purpose.

And then finally, I want to find more joy and happiness in every day.  I have found its so easy to get caught in the grind.  The daily hustle.  As moms, we know - the days are long but the years are short - and I already have a soon to be 9 yr old and a soon to be 6 year old - they aren’t babies anymore - but they are still little, and I want to just relish every moment. 

I want to soak up each delicious moment because I know they will be over before I can blink.

SO!  With ALLLL that being said - thank you.  Thank you for being with me on this journey - for listening to me - and for all your messages that you send me - each one is read, each one pushes me further along this journey.

If you enjoyed this newsletter - please share it out! Each share, like, and comment helps the message land in the hands of the woman that needs to hear it most!

And if you want to hear MORE on my 39th year - head to the pod! 


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