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My Work From Home FAVS

As a work from home executive and momma - Amazon is my GO-TO store!

And before the haters come for me - YES I shop local whenever I can - but my sanity is KEY when it comes to managing my household, and that means I need the help of the Amazon Gods to deliver (lets be real... every day) to my home!

These are my TOP finds!

This is one of my TOP favorite work from home outfits! Its cute, its comfy, it fits true to size, and is PERFECT for anyone looking to step up their loungewear / zoomwear without sacrificing comfort.

(I have already bought two colors - this green one here, and the burnt orange one!)

There are seriously NO CONS to this outfit - I wear it from the zoom to the grocery store to the carpool pick up line.

(Don't tell Dan but will probably order another color today because typing this makes me want one!)

This is also a must buy - While its hard to tell if you are getting quality clothing until it arrives, this one is SOLID. I wore it on date night this weekend and got SO MANY COMPLIMENTS. It is soft, its flowy (perfect for big dinner dates out!) and can pair well with jeans or leggings! I bought the dark apricot color and black!

Fits true to size and quality is amazing! For the price on this one - you can't beat it!

Literally - the fruit listed on the front is ALL that is inside this grab and go bar.

Because I sometimes get stuck on calls allll day, I need a snack drawer where I can keep healthy and simple snacks that I can pop in my mouth in between calls.

This fits the bill - its YUMMY - its healthy - and its HUDSON approved!

And last, but NOT least - another SOLID work from home outfit.

Ya'll - It is confession time. My husband asked me "is this your weekend outfit?" Because I literally wore it ALL WEEKEND. The Black is SLEEK with excellent quality. The half zip makes it a little more GLAM in my opinion, and this is zoom, grocery store, pick up line AND jammie friendly.

Yes.... I wore this both to the store and to the Publix! Sorry - not sorry!

This one is known as the SPANX dupe to the AirEssentials - and lets just say it does not disappoint. If you have travel coming up - buy it. If you are cold, and want a warm outfit - buy it. If you want ease and comfort WHILE looking classy and sassy - BUY IT.

That is it for now! I swear by ALL of these - and use them daily or WEEKLY!!!!

Which one is your fav?

Yes - this is an affiliate program via AMAZON. Don't hate on it! Support it! :)

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