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Pride Month & Parenthood

Have kids they said.

It will be fun they said.

(I hope you can detect my light tone!)

Parenting is one of the most fun jobs I have ever had - but it is also one of the most challenging. Especially when it comes to other kids' parents.

In my house, love is love, and that means you can love everyone and anyone you choose. I have always been very open with my two kids about the simple message that sometimes women love men, and sometimes women love women. Sometimes men love women, and sometimes men love men.

I keep it simple, and we keep it focused on people's actions. (My kids just turned 5 & 8 for reference.)

Are they kind?

Do they treat you with respect?

So imagine my surprise, when I overhear my kids playing, and my daughter's girl Barbies are getting married to each other (that isn't the shocking part peeps). I then hear my son say "That's gay!"



(Insert real-time learning moment here for both kids!)

He, of course, thinks he is being funny. He also doesn't understand.

He is also learning from kids at his school and mimicking behavior - who are getting these messages from their parents.

What I love about these learning moments is my ability to step in, talk with my kids, and have real-time, age-appropriate discussions.

They don't care about the stat that diverse workplaces produce more profit (and quite honestly, that isn't my point here!)

Yes - diversity in the workplace is essential. But how about we stop tying it to profit, and start tying it to basic human rights?

Kindness & love.

This message is for anyone who is in charge of the littles, who have brains like sponges. Do not raise them with your beliefs. Do not put walls of intolerance and hate into their minds.

You will raise them to be intolerant and hateful - and guess what? Today's workforce isn't having that.

And know - that when they are in my house, we wear our rainbow colors proudly and support love and kindness in all forms.

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