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Reflecting on 2023: What Worked, What Didn't and What's Next

Happy New Year, everyone! As we step into 2024, I am filled with excitement and gratitude for the journey that lies ahead. In the spirit of growth, I wanted to share some reflections on the past year, along with valuable lessons learned and insights gained.

Reviewing 2023 Goals:

To help me reflect on the past year, I pulled out my trusty 2023 planner. It is incredible to see the dreams and goals I set out for myself and whether I stayed consistent with the habits needed to achieve them. The standout accomplishment? The one I am most proud of? WRITING MY BOOK!!!!

Ya'll - Glass Ceilings and Sticky Floors: Shattering Limiting Beliefs and Toxic Behaviors to Uncover Infinite Possibilities will be out for purchase in Q1 of THIS YEAR!

This was a journey I never, in a million years, anticipated taking, but one I am so glad I did. It was filled with focus, deadlines, learning, and the real struggle of writers block (if I am behind honest!)

Tips for achieving BIG HAIRY GOALS:

1) Setting goals is crucial for success - but flexibility in your process is equally important. Embrace the journey, but allow yourself room to adapt. Your journey may require adjustments. Do not be so beholden to the plan, that you cannot flex to meet changing circumstances.

2) Build Community: Seek out a supportive community and lean on them for support. When it came to writing a book - I had never done that before. I had no idea what it entailed. And I never KNEW anyone who had done this personally - so I had no one to turn to when the struggle hit. Surround yourself with those who are experts where you want to grow, and lean on them for support. Ask for guidance. Ask for help.

3) Stretch Your Goals: You aren't dreaming big enough. That is the piece of advice I would tell you about your current goals. Take that goal - now 3x it.

What else worked really well for me, that I encourage you to do is TRACK YOUR HABITS and your progress. When you pull out that year long planner and review, you can see trends. This is important for truly changing your patterns and improving. For me, that daily check off was transformative, and kept me accountable. Make those goals visible, make them public, and remember - motivation begets motivation.

What FLOPPED in 2023:

It cannot be all rainbows and butterflies and acknowledging your blunders is part of growing. My biggest FLOP in 2023 was not having an established rhythm for my life. I have a lot going on from my full time job as a Chief People Officer, to everything else I do - podcast, book writing, parenting, fitness... you get it! And there were many times that I did not schedule my day properly. This led to massive amounts of stress and anxiety. In 2024, I will be setting clear boundaries for myself and I will establish a well-defined schedule to help me live a more aligned and focused life.

Looking ahead to 2024:

Exciting developments await, including my new book, more speaking engagements, and the launch of a Digital Course titled "The Empowered Executive." My commitment is community - and if you have been following along, it is my word of the year! So I will be focused on building stronger connections and connecting with each one of you with intention!

So friends, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Take a moment to reflect on your achievements and challenges of 2023. Let's break through the limitations visualize success, and make 2024 a year of empowerment and growth.

And thank you for being a part of this incredible community!

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