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Rest and Relaxation Time

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

If you follow my socials, you know I just got back from a week off in St. Maarten! And let me tell you - I totally unplugged!

For someone like me, that is veeerrrry hard to do, BUT one of the things I teach and preach is that unplugging is essential to avoiding burnout.

So I did it! I totally unplugged and enjoyed the company of my husband, I read FOUR books (all fiction) and I focused on being entirely present with the moment.

Here is why you MUST UNPLUG this summer:

  1. Mental and Emotional Rejuvenation - When you unplug from technology it gives your mind the space to breathe, and it gives you a break from the constant stimulation we all experience.

  2. Increased Connection with Loved Ones: When we are constantly plugged into technology, we lose the ability to connect with the people who mean the most around us. Unplugging from tech allows you to focus on those that matter.

  3. Enhanced Creativity & Productivity: This is one of the unexpected benefits of unplugging - and it is that you open up the space for new ideas and inspiration! I thought of so many things I wanted to share with you all, and I made notes when I had great ideas so I could come back to them and share them with you (so you gotta stay tuned!)

  4. Improved Physical Well-Being: Vacations and time for relaxation provide the opportunity to get moving and get outdoors when you might not have the time in the week! Dan and I made a note to hit the gym and move our bodies.

  5. Mindful Living & Presence: Unplugging during vacation and relaxation helps you cultivate mindfulness and presence in the present moment. When you disconnect from technology, you can fully engage with your surroundings appreciating the beauty of your environment - and let me tell YOU! St. Maarten is one beautiful place! Mindful living allows you to savor each moment, reduce stress, and find joy in simple pleasures.

Here is how I did it:

  • Stopped ALL notifications - Slack, Email, Facebook, etc.

  • Brought my Kindle that had ONLY books. This kept me from being distracted from things on my phone.

  • Left my iWatch at home!

So friend, make sure you schedule that time for a getaway - and if you can't get away from your normal environment, at least get away from your technology! Make sure you tune into the podcast - I'll be dropping several short episodes you don't want to miss! I hope to see you there!

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