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Training Your Mind to Work For You

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

The fact is, your mindset is critical to your happiness, success, your relationships, and fulfillment in life.

And YOU have the power to reframe your mind.

You can take simple steps to reprogram your mind, and by practicing them every day, you can retrain your mind to work for you - not against you.

If you are struggling with feelings of frustration, negativity, and uncertainty -

Or maybe you just want to level up your game this year -

You have the power to create a positive mindset.

Before we dive into the how, let's talk about the what.

What is your mindset: Your mindset is how you are viewing a situation, either positively or negatively. And it is sooooo important because it shapes how you view the world, and what you feel about the present moment, the past, and your future.

Seriously though! Your mindset determines what actions you take! And also, what actions you don't take.

So much of your potential is either limited or expanded by your mindset - your "sticky floors." Now, if you have been following my work, you know all about sticky floors! But if this is your first time here, sticky floors are those limiting beliefs like imposter syndrome, perfectionism, fear of failure, or the fear of judgement that are blocking your potential! They can also show up in the form of toxic relationship and toxic behaviors.

The one thing sticky floors and mindset have in common is that YOU have the power to change them.


The Science Of Your Mindset

I love science. It gives me evidence - proof - of concept. If you are stuck in a negative place, you'll want to keep reading, because I am going to prove to you, through science, that you have control over your mindset - over these "sticky floors."

All human beings have a filter in their brain called the Reticular Activating System. (RAS for short.). This system has one job. To determine, in real-time, we are talking nanoseconds here, what information should go into your conscious mind (what you should see and register in the world) and what it should filter out.

Long story short: it makes sure your brain doesn't have to deal with more information than it can handle. It plays a big role in the information we perceive daily. It filters roughly eight million bits of information (subconsciously) flowing through the brain! HOLY SMOKES!


So what does this even mean? Well,

I have good news for you! It means we can TRAIN OUR BRAINS TO BRING IN MORE OF WHAT WE WANT - AND LESS OF WHAT WE DON'T!

How so? Well - let me ask you a question!

Have you ever had your mind on a sweet pair of shoes? You know, that limited edition Nike Air Force? Maybe that red bottom heel? You know what I mean.

And suddenly, you start seeing them everywhere. It seems like everyone has them! You start seeing them at the store, online, and even on TV Commercials! They are just popping up everywhere!

YA'LL. This is your RAS at work!

You see, those shoes were always there. They didn't magically appear. But your RAS has now deemed them important, and so it is filtering them into your conscious brain. And as a result, you are spotting them everywhere! This is the science at work.

Think of it as your "For You Page" on your social media. Ever dream up that you wanted to go to the Maldives, and all a sudden your IG is filled with overwater bungalows?

Maybe you started thinking that you needed to organize your kitchen, and all a sudden you find your self on "Clean-Tok!" (My TikTok people know whats up!)

Yes- once again, your RAS at work!


So the next question is, how do we make your RAS work for you?

I've got an exercise I want you to do - starting now!

Look for angel numbers. Angel numbers are number sequences, usually in 3 or 4 digits, that contain repetition, such as 111 or 2222, OR a pattern such as 321 or 3434. They appear in ordinary places and usually grab our attention, if only for a fleeting moment.

These numbers are believed to be messages from the spiritual universe that offer insight, wisdom, and directionality. When you see these numbers, it confirms that you are on the right path. It is believed to be the universe, the higher powers at be, whatever you believe in, at work, sending you messages intentionally, that you are moving toward something great.

I want you to start looking for angel numbers. See where they show up. Take note of them. Keep a tally! I bet because you are looking for them, you find more.

Do you know why I think that?

Yesssss because of RAS! Your brain now deems them important, and your brain is going to start finding you more of what you deem important!

This is your mind working for you! This proves to you that you can train your mind in real-time.

You can shift your mindset.

We all struggle with sticky floors and a negative mindset from time to time. We are, after all, a work in progress. But now you know the science, and you KNOW you have the power to shift your mindset. Which. means you have the power to shift your life.

You are not stuck with the thoughts you think. Feel them as they come, and then let go of them if they don't serve you! You don't have to hold onto them with a death grip. You can let them float away. You can let them go.

You can change your thoughts.

You can change your actions.

You can change your life.

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