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Unlock Career Success with The 7-Day Gratitude Challenge

Boost Your Happiness (and your Career!) Through Appreciation 🙏

In the spirit of #Thanksgiving, I'm issuing a 7-day #gratitude #challenge to give your #career a boost!

Research shows practicing gratitude rewires our brains, lowering stress and anxiety. But it also improves relationships and achievement when applied professionally.

Follow this plan to incorporate more gratitude into your work life:

Day 1: Acknowledge Your Progress 🏆 Note milestones and wins in your career so far - a promotion, completing a big project, learning a new skill. Recognizing your growth fuels motivation.

Day 2: Appreciate a Colleague 👯♀️ Send a thoughtful thank you message to a co-worker who has helped you succeed this year. Recognizing their efforts strengthens your partnership.

Day 3: Thank a Mentor 🤝 Reach out to a mentor who has guided your journey and express sincere appreciation. If no mentor comes to mind, thank another colleague.

Day 4: Identify Your Strengths ✨ Make a list of at least 5 talents or qualities you bring to the table. Recognizing your uniqueness boosts confidence.

Day 5: Find Joy in Your Work 🤩 Note tasks or projects that you feel excited and energized by. Even mundane work has elements you can appreciate.

Day 6: See Challenges as Learning 💪 Reflect on a past difficulty at work. With hindsight, what did you gain from that experience? How will it help you succeed in the future?

Day 7: Dream Bigger Goals 🚀 Set an ambitious new goal for yourself, then triple it! Having a vision energizes you to take action.

Gratitude transforms how you see your work and unlocks motivation. It also makes you a happier, kinder, and more present human being.

Who will you appreciate today?

PS - If you listen to the podcast, I've dropped even more gems there! Click here to listen to Unlock Career Success with the 7-Day Professional Gratitude Challenge

Talk soon!


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