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Unlock your Potential: Transitioning from Performance-Based to Purpose-driven Living

Many of us fall into the trap of measuring our success and validation by performance metrics like social media followers or promotions. However, research indicates that aligning your work with a sense of purpose leads to higher levels of well-being compared to chasing external validation through metrics.

Purpose refers to the profound feeling of meaning and fulfillment derived from making an impact through your work - not checking boxes or hitting targets. Science shows that purpose taps into intrinsic motivation, driving increased engagement, satisfaction, and better mental health.

Of course, metrics matter to organizations. But leaders should connect employees’ roles, even mundane ones like filing, to larger organizational goals so individuals understand their contribution. For example, accurate filing helps a company stay compliant in audits.

For those seeking more purpose:

  1. Identify your core values and strengths. Understand what intrinsically motivates you and the vision you want to realize.

  2. Draw a “purpose pyramid.” The base holds your values, the middle contains strengths, and the top outlines your vision. Aligning these illuminates the intersection of what provides meaning and what you’re best equipped to do.

The jobs that look tedious on paper often have a tremendous purpose. An employee relations specialist conducting difficult conversations creates a safe, inclusive culture. Purpose transforms what seems unfulfilling into something impactful.

In the end, it’s not what you do that provides meaning – it’s understanding why you do it. Reflecting on your purpose pyramid can uncover that for both individuals and organizations.

If you want to hear MORE on this - check out my podcast episode HERE.

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