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What you aren't doing that is holding you back... AMPLIFYING YOUR EXPERTISE

Did you know that research shows that women are more likely to have their expertise questioned, especially by men?

Or that they are interrupted more in meetings, less likely to self-promote, and face double standards when they are assertive?

Meanwhile, men are assumed to be competent based solely on confidence, while women have to prove expertise repeatedly.

I once read about the "prove it again" bias - which showcases that it only takes ONE solid performance for men to be seen as competent, but women must show their performance is repeated before others see her as competent.

Does that make you crinkle your nose in disgust? Yeah, me too.

But just in case it didn't... here are a few more stats for you:

  • Women's accomplished credentials are discounted 30% more than identical men's (Harvard Study)

  • 75% of women report having to provide more evidence of expertise than men do (Kiernan Snyder Study)

  • Men are 2x more likely to self-promote and talk up accomplishments (Ibarra consultancy study.)

So women - it is time to step up and claim our spot. I hate to say it, but we are a piece of the problem because we do not self-promote! We often give the credit away. Here is what you can do.

  1. Don't downplay your expertise. Drop qualifiers like "I think" and avoid minimizing your achievements.

  2. Speak up early in meetings. Establish your authority on the topic by highlighting credentials and perspectives right away.

  3. Align your words with confidence. Watch out for different linguistic patterns like "you know?"

  4. Broadly communicate your wins - I challenge you to post one on this Newsletter post!

You see, with added courage and these small shifts, we can work toward a more equitable perception of women's expertise in the workplace.

Women -know your worth. Don't hesitate to speak up about your value. You've earned your seat at the table.

PS - APPLY for the award - it is the only way you will get recognized!

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