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Why not me? Why not us?

Updated: Mar 29

It is time to embrace the underdog spirit - for personal wins!

As the air buzzes with the electric spirit of March Madness, it is impossible not get swept up in the excitement - even for someone like me, who is traditionally more of an SEC football fan woman.

Yes, living in North Carolina has nudged me into the basketball vibe, with the legendary rivalry between Duke, Carolina, and the often underestimated NC State Wolf Pack!

And that's precisely where our inspiration begins today.

🌟 Why Not Us? 🌟

This mantra isn't just a rallying cry for a team that's defied odds; it's a beacon of hope for every single one of us battling the sneaky shadows of self-doubt and the sticky floors of our own limitations.

The Wolf Pack, despite the odds stacked against them, soared to claim the ACC championship, beating both Duke and Carolina along the way! If that's not the epitome of "Why not us?", I don't know what is.

So, here's the deal:

  • Believe in Your Audacity: Think of the most outlandish, heart-pounding dream you've dared to dream. Got it? Now, ask yourself, "Why not me?" If a team that's been overlooked can step into the light and seize victory, you can chase down your dream with the same fervor.

  • Overcoming Self-Doubt: Let "Why not me?" be your shield against the arrows of self-doubt. It's about shifting your mindset from "I can't" to "I absolutely will."

  • Fueling Creativity and Innovation: When you start from a place of possibility, every challenge becomes a stepping stone. Creativity isn't just about thinking outside the box; it's about believing there was never a box to begin with.

  • Building Resilience: Each setback, each 'no', each fall is merely a setup for a comeback. With "Why not me?" as your mantra, resilience becomes your second nature.

🔥 My Big, Bold Dream: I'm putting it out there - I aspire to be the next Mel Robbins, heck, to have Mel Robbins wanting to be the next Erica Rooney. It's a mountain of a dream, with its fair share of daunting paths and whispers of doubt. But, armed with the spirit of "Why not me?", I'm here for it, all in, ready to climb.

Here's What I Want for You:

To believe in the impossibility of your dreams and to chase them with the unyielding faith that you deserve every bit of success that's coming your way. Whether it's stepping onto a global stage, writing that book, or launching that business - Why. Not. You?

Join Me:

Let's turn this mantra into a movement. Share your "Why not me?" dream in the comments. Let's celebrate our audacity, support our ambitions, and lift each other up because if the Wolf Pack can do it, so can we.

Stay Inspired,

Erica Rooney

P.S. Remember, every big achievement started with a simple belief - Why not me? Let's make it our new mantra!!!


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