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Know Your Worth - Then Add Tax

A few weeks ago, I gave a live Workshop titled "Know Your Worth - Then Add Tax" to a local women's group.

We talked about the anxiety that comes with negotiation things like:

  • Salary

  • Bonus Amounts

  • Additional PTO

  • Promotions

What surprised me, was that many expressed anxiety and stress about asking for even the smallest of things like being the lead on a big project or for a different office in the workplace.

You see, women have been socialized to "make it nice" for others. To be the giver - not the taker. To minimize disruption and not to "put anyone out."

We have these limiting thoughts in our head, like "What if they have other plans for that office?" or "They probably already have someone slated to be the project lead. I'll just wait and see." And you know what happens?

The opportunity passes us by. The moment is gone in an instant to someone who did speak up and ask.

Women simply do not ask.

In a recent article I read, it stated that 26% of women do not negotiate their salary, and when they do, they ask for less than what a man would ask for.

When I asked my friends and colleagues, they cited the reasons below:

  • I didn't want to appear ungrateful at the time.

  • I didn't want anyone to feel that I was too pushy.

  • I was worried that it would price me out, so I didn't ask

All of this keeps us STUCK and it does NOTHING to close the pay gap.

The World Economic Forum states that it will take 132 years for the world to reach equal pay... ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY-TWO YEARS.

I don't know about you but I don't think our life expectancy will increase by that much at this point in time.

This is why it is mission critical that we empower ourselves to negotiate for what we want, and what we deserve.

I will be hosting a FREE Masterclass on June 17th at 11 am EST for anyone who wants to feel empowered to negotiate with confidence, maximize their bargaining power, and strategize for their unique situation.

I'm going to tell you everything I wish I knew when I negotiated for my first job and was told "No - that is the starting salary." to when I increased my base by 100%.

Because if I can do it - so can you.

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