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Ten Things You'll Never Regret (And Then Some!)

Earlier in the week I was looking back and thinking about all the things I've done that have never once regretted.

Some of those things were scary. Very scary.

Others were small and mundane, like reading a book.

And I got curious! I wanted to know what other people felt.

You see, we all have the gift of hindsight. It is the gift we all have, and the gift that we will continue to get if we stay open to receiving it.

And I got some ah-may-zing answers. My top favorites are below!

The only action I ask of you today - is when you feel STUCK - when you are unsure if you should go left, or go right - jump or stay put - to ask yourself "Is this something I'll regret?" "Is this something, that when I have the gift of hindsight, I wish I would have taken a different direction?" If the answer is "no" - go for it! (Which leads to my number one!)

And if you are looking back and feeling that regret, practice self-compassion. We are all perfectly imperfect and just learning life's lessons as we go. Use that regret to reframe your thoughts and add that lesson to the list!

1. Going for it!

2. Scheduling a PTO day with no plans

3. Asking for the promotion

4. Taking the development class

5. Reading the book (instead of social media!)

6. Giving back

7. Being a listening ear

8. Leaving a toxic job

9. Trusting your gut

10. Posing for the playground pic with your little

*BONUS* Spending the $17 on AI photos - while 99% of them were TERRIBLE they gave me this one and a great laugh!

My Friends Additions

1. Canceling a meeting when your teen is ready or wants to walk (Susan Whittemore)

2. When to chase & live the dream, and when to move on. (Jennifer Newell)

3. Making it to yoga class! (Stephanie Lemek)

4. Dancing! Anywhere - anytime! (Anita Jeyakumar)

5. Being your authentic self (Brenda Beauchamp)

6. Staring your side hustle! (Parker Nash)

7. Meditation (Jodi Green)

8. Getting out of your comfort zone (Sheila O'Sullivan)

9. Scheduling an impromptu massage! (Lisa Friscia)

10. Making a new friend (Monica Swinney)

Would you add something else to the list? Drop it below!

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