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Your Mental Health Matters!

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

Let's talk ALL THINGS about #Mental #Health!

It is NO secret that the past few years have been hard on us - especially #women. We have dealt with loss. We have dealt with #COVID-19 - we have dealt with homeschooling our children while going fully #remote - we have dealt with the decisions about #vaccinations - about change - we DEAL with #working like we don't have kids, and being a mom like we don't have a job.

And as of recently, we are dealing with the #Supreme #Court overturning #Row v #Wade and what that means for us as #women, as #mothers, as #wives and #girlfriends and friends - and how it feels not to have control or the SAY in what we do with our bodies.

No SHIT that our mental health is SHIT.

And mental health can be a MAJOR #STICKYFLOOR!

It can keep you reaching your potential.

It can keep you from being happy and finding JOY in life.

It can keep you from being the wife, mom, friend, or daughter that YOU want to be.

It can keep you from being YOU.

When you are dealing with mental health issues - It's no joke- you can feel stuck - and it's not in a good place.

Now let's talk numbers:

#One in #five women have #depression and #anxiety, and while there are many reasons depression and anxiety can develop, it's not surprising that women experience this differently than men.

Women are #CARERS- which leads to stress and anxiety. Many of us carry the burden of being the core or primary provider for our children - remembering ALL THE THINGS that it takes to raise these tiny humans, from doctors' appointments to allergies, to how they like their sandwiches cut - is it a square? A triangle? Crust or no crust? We keep the ship afloat. I liken this to a computer browser- how many do you have open at ONE time? Probably a million! I know for me, I'm constantly juggling in my head the schedules of both my kids, their extracurricular activities, my work schedule, my client schedule, school events, doctors appointments, dentist appoints, dinners, friends, and what my parents have going on and when they are watching my kids, just ALL of it.

We suffer from "#Human #Giver #Syndrome" (now I stole this term from the book "#Burnout" by #Emily and #Amelia #Nagoski - but this is when we put all our energy into creating comfort for others, but we don't do it for ourselves. You know the drill on the airplane… put on your oxygen mask FIRST - Then help others? Yeah, we don't do that.

Ever thought about how #hormones play into effect? Women create more #stress hormones than #men - and the female #sex hormone #progesterone prevents the stress hormone system from shutting down, as it would in men. And THAT increases our susceptibility to stress-induced depression.

Then there is the tragic reality that women are more vulnerable to social factors such as #poverty, #sexual #abuse, #stress, and intimate partner #violence. And just recently dealing with everything that is stemming from the Supreme Court Decision overturning Roe Vs. Wade.

Nearly 1 in 4 women have received mental health #treatment in the past 12 months. - We do seek treatment more often than men! So there is that - BUT OUR MENTAL HEALTH MATTERS.


IF YOU DON'T put on your oxygen mask first- and take care of you - who is going to take care of everything else? Of all the things you take care of?

In my previous episode, #Adriana #Crawford talks about Mental health and finding the right #therapist. If you need help- please go out and get it. Fortunately, COVID 19 did help out in this arena by making therapy more accessible - and approachable - The pandemic caused a shift - and now there are so many platforms out there, that make it easy to connect with a therapist easily from your phone or desk top- you don't have to go into an office or find someone local.

Just know - therapy is for you - it's for EVERYONE and ANYONE that has something going on in their lives.

Therapy helps you get that individualized help- therapy tailors sessions for YOU.

Anyone can benefit from therapy- Think about it - you have someone you see regularly, who KNOWS YOU and helps you understand what motivates you, what your strengths are, and helps you navigate what you want to change, and where you want to grow. - It's unbiased and centered on YOU.

Get a #therapist you are comfortable with - make sure you vibe with their modality.

You have a right to say "I want a therapist that is older than me, that looks like me, etc." We have the right to advocate for ourselves and what we need. Therapy is not a 1-way relationship - it is a 2-way street. If your therapist does not vibe with you, you have the right to find a new one.

If you can't afford one or it doesn't fit your #budget there are other options.

Look into #therapy #practices that have interns that can see people at a more cost-effective rate.

There may be #Counseling programs at your school, or a local community college might have more affordable options. Make sure you are using your #EAP (employee assistance program) at work if one is offered.

If you ARE struggling - reach out for #support. Talk to someone. There are resources out there to help you.

For me- keeping my mental health in a good place is critical to how I function as a mom, a friend, a wife, and a Chief People Officer.

What works for me, is every day I do something physical. I move. It helps me feel in control and productive - no matter what happens during my day, I did get that accomplished, and for me - that’s important!

I also keep a #gratitude #journal. It's so easy to get caught up in everything that’s going wrong, and in my role specifically, I get a lot of complaints - but keeping a gratitude journal centers me, and it reminds me that what I HAVE - a home, healthy kids - a lot of people are WISHING they had that.

#Sleep is also SUPER critical for me - and I'll do another Stepping stone on SLEEP because of how important it is - but my bedtime routine is top notch - if you don't have one GET ONE.

And Get outside if you can! Sunlight improves serotonin levels and improves your mood! Just 15 minutes a day can do the trick -

But take care of yourself.

There is only ONE of you.

And you deserve all the love, peace, joy, and happiness that you are giving to others.

If your sticky floor is mental health struggles- feel empowered to get out there and find a therapist who can walk with you and help you overcome feelings of depression and anxiety. Break it all down into smaller bites, and smaller choices, which make it all easier to change.

All right you guys - Take care.

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